Hello friends!

I was thinking twice whether to share this or not. But I have to. Not I but I really have to.
This evening (19th April, 2018, 4:00 pm) I had a nap. During my nap I had a dream. Beloved it was rapture. All my life I have heard and read people’s narration about the rapture but today I saw it myself. It was really scary. This is not to put fear into you. But truth be told it was scary. In the dream I saw a raging fire like our roads. (very long and endless). It moved with great speed that many ran helter skelter for their lives. I also ran as fast as I could until I got onto a high platform in the middle of the town where I live. On the platform I started preaching repentance but I was crying while I did that.

Please there is a call for us Christians on this earth. Let’s try as much as possible to let the lost know about Christ as we live here on earth.

It doesn’t matter the kind of sins you have committed. Everyone has had an ugly past. But Jesus Christ came to wipe all out. Forget about your past and let others know about the saving knowledge of Christ as Christ has saved you

Love and Light



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