Bancacao Smoothie (Banana + cacao powder) INGREDIENTS :2 cups soya milk 2 ripe bananas (may be frozen) 1-2 Tbsp cacao powder 3 ice cubes A dash of cinnamon (optional) Ginger (optional) DIRECTIONS :Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Enjoy with smiles😊😊! Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese. Bananas … More SIMPLE SMOOTHIE RECIPE


Mama’s love! Is as precious as gold. So pure and so true, Beats my imagination. It sees no fault in a her fruit And quickly forgives. Naturally established as soon as Papa’s seed in Mama bears. Mama’s love! Who else can possess? It is the second greatest gift from God. For the countless times I … More MAMA’S LOVE


J U N T O S JUNTOS The day we fail to knowthat we are each other’s pillaris the day we begin to fall. The day we fail to beeach other’s pillar is the dayour backs rests on the floor. The day we refuse to loveone another to stay aliveis the day humanity turns away. … More JUNTOS


In her childlessnessShe looked aboveIn the heavens for helpFervent in prayerAnd relentless in faithShe found hopeHope birthed a miracleAnd that miracle housed a bundle  of joyShe can’t let go off this bundle of joy so she gathers it in her warm arms; a selfless lifetime decision to nurture it in love unconditionalAnd there she is … More HELP FROM THE HEAVENS


Hello guys! So I know perfectly that with the current pandemic (Covid-19) the world is facing, it is easy to be wrapped in fear. But the good news is that those that know their God will stand and for us to stand we need to have faith; even if it’s the size of a mustard … More WORLD POETRY DAY

5 PEACEFUL WAYS TO IMPROVE OUR LIVES. (mentally, physically and spiritually)

It’s easy to get mired in feelings of insecurity, hurt, fear, doubt, anger and confusion and finding peace may seem difficult at times.But when you master how the aforementioned come up, you’ll be ready with peace in the way of problems. It may sound simple and I tell you it’s going to be easy finding … More 5 PEACEFUL WAYS TO IMPROVE OUR LIVES. (mentally, physically and spiritually)