We tend to use the words moisture and shine interchangeably because we assume that they are on in the same. However, they are not. When it comes to the plain old definitions from the English dictionary, they are quite different. As well as, in our hair care journey they are different as well. SHINE: – … More MOISTURE VS SHINE



It’s a Wednesday morning full of sunshine. As I get ready for work, I passionately think about how I am going to get my tea done so that I can get to work on time. I don’t have tea bags so I definitely have to get it from a nearby shop. (I had just 5 … More MUSINGS II


It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon and I am here thinking about how good the Lord has been to me. The slippery places life has taken me that I didn’t fall and of course sometimes fell and He picked me up all for His glory, I am eternally grateful. As I become thankful, I am shortly … More MUSINGS I


Dear August 28 While we are here, make each fleeting moment count. Make it worth living. Leave pieces of your life in the hearts of men for time to remember you when you’re gone. Walk the path of good less traveled. While we are here, smell the roses and breathe in life. Heal from the … More WHILE WE ARE HERE


A frictional squeeze for the feelings;I’m affectionately yearning for from you.Is it to quench lustful yearnings,or to let you know that I want to go beyond now with you. Chest on breast;Hmm!Heads alternatively intertwined.Hmm!Like a couple of soldiers defensively alert in a battle zone-We look at opposite sides;holding each other.But I plead we go beyond … More BEYOND THE HUG


When the doors of my Templeare shut, do not break in.Do not shake its locks to openor force its hinges to loosen. When I deny you worship in here,do not break a chord.Do not raise a muscle to mute mewhen my innocence speaks. When I say ‘Stop!’, I don’t mean start;do not progress any further.Do … More DO NOT


Bancacao Smoothie (Banana + cacao powder) INGREDIENTS :2 cups soya milk 2 ripe bananas (may be frozen) 1-2 Tbsp cacao powder 3 ice cubes A dash of cinnamon (optional) Ginger (optional) DIRECTIONS :Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Enjoy with smiles😊😊! Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese. Bananas … More SIMPLE SMOOTHIE RECIPE