Hello dearies! Hope you’re all doing great. So today I’m coming to you with juicing featuring carrots, ginger and garlic. Let’s look at the health benefits of these ingredients. See how I do my juicing here HEALTH BENEFITS OF CARROTS Carrot juice extract could kill leukemia cells and inhibit their progression. Carrots contain vitamin A which helps in … More JUICING #2


Hello babies! It’s mid-week! How’s your week going? I woke up today having this exaltation in my heart to share with you guys. I’m sure the title has said it all. Trusting in the Lord! Yes!  At times, life gets so hectic that we forget ourselves. Life’s issues like family conflicts, workplace troubles, sickness, unemployment … More TRUST IN THE LORD 


The Starr Woman Project is organised annually in Ghana and  it seeks to equip young women entrepreneurs and women generally with the relevant knowledge, skill and motivation to achieve their fullest potential as entrepreneurs. The maiden edition which took place in April 2016 focused on the theme: ‘Getting The Basics Right As A Young Female … More STARR WOMAN 2017- 6TH EDITION, TAKORADI 


Good morning friends. The title of today’s post says it all and it features cocumber and ginger.  Today’s post is inspired by my father. He’s into juicing as part of a healthy lifestyle. Even though I love taking juice I do not commit to prepping it myself. I drink juice anytime I want to and … More JUICING #1


Hello friends! I was nominated by Pursuit of Natural in the LIEBSTER Awards and I must say I’m so humbled by that. Thanks girl! And guys do well to visit her blog. She blogs about natural hair too.  THE RULES  Answer the questions you were asked.  Tag 11 people who have under 200 Twitter followers  *adding Facebook followers / … More LIEBSTER AWARD