It’s a Wednesday morning full of sunshine. As I get ready for work, I passionately think about how I am going to get my tea done so that I can get to work on time. I don’t have tea bags so I definitely have to get it from a nearby shop. (I had just 5 cedis left on me.)

I begin to reach for my “last” in my handbag and to my utmost surprise, there isn’t any feel of paper. Then I let my mind play back the very last part of the previous day. I remember placing my “last” somewhere only God knows.

I search possible places that could host it and all efforts are futile.

Then I go outside the house to search the paths I took the previous day with the hope of having a smile on my face

Well, your guess is right! I find nothing.

And then I become anxious. Quickly, Philippians 4:6 drops in my spirit. “Be anxious about nothing “

Then again, that still small voice says to me “Check the dustbin”

I do so and behold, I see my beautiful and important 5 cedis sitting together with thrash. Herrrrr! The way I was happy eehnnn. Come and see massive singing and dancing ….lol🤣

I quickly buy my tea bag, prepare my tea and off to work.


When we face difficulties or we are overwhelmed with life, we must rely on God’s voice for answers. He is always with us. He always speaks to us and we must therefore be alive in the spirit to know and hear His voice whenever he does.

I hope you’re blessed by today’s post.

Today’s post comes with a song by Dante Bowe featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore titled VOICE OF GOD



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