Dear August 28

While we are here, make each fleeting moment count. Make it worth living.

Leave pieces of your life in the hearts of men for time to remember you when you’re gone. Walk the path of good less traveled.

While we are here, smell the roses and breathe in life. Heal from the pricks of thorns and lay in the greens of peaceful breezes.

Wear your smile like a medal on your heart and allow your face to show it to the world. Be happy living, and honestly grateful for life and opportunities.

While we are here, hold no grudge in your heart, plant no seed of hatred in your mind and allow yourself to be at peace.

Stretch your hands and feel the grip of friendship, open your arms to house warm hugs of love for your heart to believe in humanity.

While we are here, dare to make a dream come true while the restless time ticks. Leave no room for procrastination when tomorrow is a mirage.

Laugh your heart out and try not to be burdened by the worries of tomorrow. Hold on to hope and work your faith with purpose in mind.

While we are here, be the sunshine to other lives and allow their sunshine in your gloom when you go dim. Be the safe haven for distressed lives.

Feed your soul the nutrients of life. Open its gates to free toxic when it bears, allow the serenity of humanity to take its place before sunrise.

While we are here, make hay while the sun shines today, before the darkness creeps in tomorrow. Seek the Lord to direct your path while numbering your days.

Make memories and enjoy the moments while they last. Take care of your mind, spirit and body with all you can, and leave your footprints before the last rain.

While we are here, live. Breathe.

©️ Eben Ace

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