A frictional squeeze for the feelings;
I’m affectionately yearning for from you.
Is it to quench lustful yearnings,
or to let you know that I want to go beyond now with you.

Chest on breast;
Heads alternatively intertwined.
Like a couple of soldiers defensively alert in a battle zone-
We look at opposite sides;holding each other.
But I plead we go beyond the hug.

Beyond The hug-
to mean I want to taste and escape?
or I want you to accept me so we can zoom in to marry?
Is the hug to comfort you for your loss,
or a quest to break through your virgin walls?

Beyond the hug, we’ll see a competent couple.
A wedded couple investing into God’s Kingdom,
helping eachother to realize respective visions,
and building others and themselves with great wisdom.

Ohemaa y3nware,te ase3 ma me- y3nware.
Within the warmth of our embrace,
As you enjoy the cold comfort in my chest,
As you satisfactorily scream and hug me,
I want you to see beyond the hug.
I want us to be loving unitedly –
getting together beyond the hug to become one!
I love you.❤️

Poem by:

Gershon Boakye (Facebook and Instagram)

@b_gersh (Twitter)

0247064128 (Call and Whatsapp)

Kindly pass by next week for another amazing blog post and remember to observe the Covid 19 protocols.

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