When the doors of my Temple
are shut, do not break in.
Do not shake its locks to open
or force its hinges to loosen.

When I deny you worship in here,
do not break a chord.
Do not raise a muscle to mute me
when my innocence speaks.

When I say ‘Stop!’, I don’t mean start;
do not progress any further.
Do not take my soulful solemn ‘No’
as ‘Yes’ clothed in refusal.

When you pin my back to the floor,
do not think I want it.
Do not assume my inability to fight
means you should proceed.

When tears rain down my heavy eyes,
do not see ecstasy in here.
Do not see sweetness in sour cries
while you dint my blissful soul.

When my arms grow feeble to oppose,
do not think you have won.
Do not think you have satisfied yourself
while you starve me joy.

Monsters like you don’t belong here;
in a place of sanity.
In a place my soaring freedom resides,
do not pluck my wings.

It is no more worship, when the doors
of my temple are pushed down

It is thievery

It is you, taking a bite of my flowery life
when you are not permitted
in this garden.

Do not.

©️ 2020 Eben Ace

Facebook: Ebenezer Ace Kojo Sarfsch

Instagram: @ebenacepoet

Twitter: @acesarfo

Photo Credit: Adrian McDonald (IG: @lexonart)


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