So I was nominated by a blogger friend, Yeka of  to do the Natural Hair tag. *DRUM ROLLS*😊😊😊 

I must say I am so excited and a big thank you Yeka

So people let’s do this!

1. Tell us a little about you?


I am Hannah Kwaw-Yankson, founder and Editor-in-chief of Naturallyhappykinkhair/NHKH but hey! You can call me Ewurakua because that is my native name and I love to be called by that. Ewurakua means “Wednesday born”. I am a proud African; Ghanaian to be precise. I dedicate most of my free time to educating African women on natural hair, lifestyle and health. I do this through writing of articles, hairstyles tutorials, sharing of  DIYs etc.

I big chopped in 2014 and have since been using my natural hair journey and that of volunteers to encourage women to love themselves no matter their hair texture, skin color, size or who they are.

”The most important thing is to know that it is not just about hair but the beauty from within” This is one of my anthems.

Away from natural hair stuffs, I am a fun-loving person and always want to ask questions. I also love singing and writing.

What do you do with your spare time?

I love to research on natural hair, beauty, lifestyle and health related topics whenever I am free.
2. Are you a natural? How do you feel about your hair?

Yes I am proudly natural and I feel so great about my natural (black) hair. I feel it has taught me lessons in life. Knots and tangles have taught me to be more patient. Frizzness  and shrinkage has taught me to love the more. You know? The list could go on and on.
3.  How long have you been natural?

I have been two years ten months natural. I will be three years in September, 2017.


4.  Why did you go natural?

I was totally fed up with the burns relaxers gave me. I could go for a touch-up a day and the next day, my pillow would be wet when I woke up. Wet because of water that came out from my burns. Also, the hair dryer gave me headache. Even though I somehow endured those pains from relaxers, the hair around the perimeter of my hair was always thinning out. So that one day came when I stood in front of my window (my window was mirror-like), took scissors and cut every permed hair off!
5.  Was anyone against your decision? If yes, how did you surpass it?

Nobody! Nobody! But it didn’t mean everyone loved it, anyway! Some thought I was being trendy. But I knew what I wanted…Freeeedomm!
6. What’s your hair type and how do you manage your it?

Errmmm! 4c in my crown area and 4b around the perimeter of my head. Anyway, I believe my hair is cool. Don’t get me wrong! I am not against hair typing. I spritz water mixed with olive oil and WE NATURALS conditioner from their hemp oil range onto my hair. I then seal in the moisture with Shea butter. WE NATURALS is a made-in-Ghana product.
7. How do you keep your hair moisturized and healthy?

I spritz water mixed with olive oil and WE NATURALS conditioner from their hemp oil range onto my hair. I then seal in the moisture with Shea butter.
8. What are your go-to natural hair products? Are you a DIY fan?
Do you have hair goals?,Care to share some of them?

We Naturals Hemp Oil Range and yes, I am a fan of DIY. My hair goal is to have healthy hair first then length will be a bonus.

9.  How do you style your hair?

A high puff gives my hair life. All I need is an old shoe lace, bobby pins and gel which is optional. I gather my hair like I’m about to do a bun and then use the shoe lace to tie it pulling it upwards.
10. What’s your favorite protective hairstyle to do?

Twists of any size is my favourite
11. Do you use heat on your hair?, how do you prevent heat damage?

A big NO!

12. Do you hairxperiment?, How crazy can you go with your hair?

So far the craziest I have gone with my hair was when I had micro twists. I installed them myself and it took me five good hours to finish my entire head. I am thinking of dying my hair teal sometime to come. ☺
13. Have you faced any challenge as a natural?

Yes! I ever had braids which broke the hair in my crown area.
14. How do you manage bad hair days?

A simple puff saves me.
15.  Can you share with us your thoughts on natural hair and relaxed hair?

I am so happy of the natural hair revolution. I am glad we have come to realize our kinks and coils are beautiful and we need not to change our hair texture. The feeling having  natural hair comes with is more than hair. It is a special kind of feeling that I cannot describe. Natural hair has come to stay! On the other hand I feel relaxed hair is gradually diminishing. More people with relaxed hair are now going natural. It’s a matter of time.
16. What hair rules have you stuck to as a natural?

Wearing of satin hair bonnets when sleeping and spritzing water into my hair daily.
17. Can you share with us some pictures of you counting your hair strands? Be creative


18. Where can we find you?




Naturally happykinkhair


Naturally happykinkhair


18 . What do you have to say to the new, upcoming and already naturals?

Love your hair no matter how it behaves sometimes and more importantly, love yourself!


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