Sleeping in satin bonnets or scarfs is imperative for naturalistas who want to retain hair length. The nature of our natural hair is such that the slightest friction could break it.

Natural Aid is a small business that provides hair bonnets in different colors, patterns, textures, designs and styles. The main purpose of  this product is to help people protect their hair and retain length. One of the amazing things about this product is it’s ability to not just protect natural hair and permed hair but also help people who love their weaves and braids . It protects your hair from split ends,  dehydration, damage and holds your curls in place at night. In this aricle, the Natural Aid hair bonnet in the type African print is going to be reviewed.

I received the Natural aid satin hair bonnets via Ghana Post Delivery on 2 June, 2017. Item was dispatched  on Thursday, 1st June, 2017; the same day I made the order.  wp-image-1682330249

Straight to the advantages, the bonnet is inner-lined with satin; a slippery feel and so doesn’t battle with my hair that much they both come into contact.


Again, it has an elastic band which is not too tight on my head. It is comfortable I mean.

It also has an extra coverage at the end thus giving my edges that full coverage whenever I want to apply make- up on my face. (Anytime I apply make-up I pull the bonnet a bit backwards)

Still on advantages, the bonnet is relatively big to cover or contain braids, long locs or any type of big hair. Above all, stays right in place when you are asleep. I change sleeping positions a lot and ever since I started using the Natural Aid hair bonnet, it hasn’t fallen off my head. Trust me!!

The disadvantage for me personally is debatable or relative. It is that if you’re  a busy or lazy person like me 😅😂😅😂 (Kidding), you will wish the bonnet is double faced sometimes.

But hey there are other types that are double faced. And ohh! They sell satin pillow cases too.

Another disadvantage is  that the band around the satin bonnet is not adjustable even though is seems comfortable. I spoke to them and I was told plans to make adjustable ones are underway. So….anticipate y’all.

It’s a matter of preference and I don’t regret getting the African print type.

After using the bonnet for a whole month, below are representations of my hair shed weekly. I wash my hair every week because I work out almost everyday of the week .





I chose to wash the materials separately beacause I figured out it is thoroughly clean  and best works for me when I wash like so. And it dries easily when hanged separated too.

The African print satin  hair bonnet from Natural Aid to me is good and I recommend it to all hair lovers especially hair growth freaks.

I give it  🌟🌟🌟🌟

CONTACT NATURAL AID ON +233560451163 or 0560451163 IF YOU ARE IN GHANA 




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