o-MOTHER-AND-BABY-facebook-711x471Mama’s love!

Is as precious as gold.

So pure and so true,

Beats my imagination.

It sees no fault in a mother’s fruit

And quickly  forgives.

It is naturally established as soon as Papa’s seed in Mama bears.

Mama’s love!

Who else can possess?  It is a gift from God and the greatest gift mama can give to child.

For the countless times I poo-pooed and wee-weed, Mama’s love made sure I smelled nice and neat.

Mama’s love!

Is like a rainbow;

In different colours but beautiful! Mama’s love will make her sell her very last piece of cloth just to make her fruits happy.


Mama’s love will cook the best meals in the world each time her fruits gain a trophy in life.

Mama’s love!

Will even put smiles on her fruits faces even in bad, saying there’s hope for the future.

Mama’s love!

Prays for her fruits and that of her neighbours.

Mama’s love!

Makes sure her fruits are grounded in the Lord through devotions and prayers.

Like a lion in the jungle,

Mama’s love!

Is courageous; and never gives up

Lingering in our hearts all day.

Mama’s love!

Always teaching us to be disciplined where ever we find ourselves.

Mama’s love!

Is perpertual and indescribably perfect.

Mama’s love !

Albeit unseen at times, it is forever a feeling in our hearts.

Mama, you are celebrated each and everyday.

Mama’s love!

An amazing love on earth!

Mama’s love!

Forever felt.

We love you mamas all over the world.


This  poem is dedicated to my mother, the late Mrs. Beatrice Anabel Yankson and all mothers all over the world. Thank you for your love and sacrifice.❤



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